Sunday, August 21, 2011

A Little Entertainment

There are some things high school boys are just destined to do, I suppose.

  • Play football.
  • Spin cookies and do burnouts in the church parking lots.
  • Go to parties (or throw them).
  • Initiate freshmen.
  • Work on the farm.
  • Take Senior Pictures
  • Etc.
Not saying that high school girls can't or won't do these things, boys are just more likely. But there is one thing that I can say most high school boys do that most high school girls don't.

  • Shave their heads.
Last night, the Scotland Youth Center hosted a pool party from 9-11. Most high school students went to that, but when it ended, it was nowhere near what time we normally retire on the weekends, so we decided to go to a friend's house.

Ryan had taken his senior pictures that day.

And this is what he looked like taking them. Looks good, right?

Well then he decided he wanted to do something for a change of pace, and a little entertainment.

Yup, he can check another one off this list --- shaved his head.

The girls weren't to happy about it, but it did give us something to do. We got to do the 28 in the back of his head. (That's his football number.)

It was a work in progress here..

And here is the finished product.

Let's just say in a small town there isn't a whole lot going on once school starts.

In case you wanted to be a part of the action. :)

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