Sunday, August 21, 2011

A Little Entertainment

There are some things high school boys are just destined to do, I suppose.

  • Play football.
  • Spin cookies and do burnouts in the church parking lots.
  • Go to parties (or throw them).
  • Initiate freshmen.
  • Work on the farm.
  • Take Senior Pictures
  • Etc.
Not saying that high school girls can't or won't do these things, boys are just more likely. But there is one thing that I can say most high school boys do that most high school girls don't.

  • Shave their heads.
Last night, the Scotland Youth Center hosted a pool party from 9-11. Most high school students went to that, but when it ended, it was nowhere near what time we normally retire on the weekends, so we decided to go to a friend's house.

Ryan had taken his senior pictures that day.

And this is what he looked like taking them. Looks good, right?

Well then he decided he wanted to do something for a change of pace, and a little entertainment.

Yup, he can check another one off this list --- shaved his head.

The girls weren't to happy about it, but it did give us something to do. We got to do the 28 in the back of his head. (That's his football number.)

It was a work in progress here..

And here is the finished product.

Let's just say in a small town there isn't a whole lot going on once school starts.

In case you wanted to be a part of the action. :)

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

We Could Call It See Ya Later

This month, I said goodbye to one of my best friends... again.

It's the German :) She went back home to finish out her high school. (As we are starting our last year, she has two left! haha!)

We had a lot of fun together, we were pretty much inseperable for the few weeks she was back. I remember Mom asking if she was gonna move in.

The day we picked her up in SuFu we went out to eat at Red Lobster..

This reminds me of a previous conversation via Skype..

Me: "Yes we can eat at Red Lobster when we pick you up!"
The German: "Okay!! Do they have lobster there?"
(She was dead serious..)

Anyway, we were all practically jumping out of the car to hug the German when we pulled up in front of her grandparent's house. Then off to Red Lobster... she was obviously happy about this. Or maybe she was just happy to be with us again.. we'll go with that one. :)

The next day, when we arrive at M&V's, the place where German stays when she is here, we see that her friends weren't the only ones that missed her!
Meet Charlie:
(the sign reads: Ohh! Anna! Where have you been? I have missed you!)

We spent many days next to the pool, and many nights just hanging out.

Of course, we also spent much time making fun of Chow.
(This would be German imitating the smile you see Chow giving above. I think it's a close imitation.)

We also spent a lot of the time skyping some German Friends..

(Oops! did i forget to mention these German friends were cute?)

German LOVES Will and Kate.. I mean she is like hardcore obsessed. Like obsessed like I am with Joe Mauer obsessed. Do you get it now? We spent a lot of time exchanging pics messages that looked similar to this..

Did I repeat myself a few times? "We spent a lot of time.."

Okay, so we spent a lot of time together, period.

When she left, I got one last pics message with this. :(

"Missing U already.. Luv the German!"

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Kansas City

Some friends and I got to go to Kansas City this past week for a Show Choir Trip. It was a lot of fun.. we left at 5:15 a.m. on Tuesday morning from the school.

Now you wouldn't think a bunch of high school kids would be thrilled to be up that early, but you also know that high school kids can sleep just about anywhere. For the first half of the 8 hour bus ride (yes, the drive to Kansas City turned into 8 hours thanks to the flooding of the interstate) everyone slept sound. I remember waking up a few times and thinking it was scary how quiet a group of 20 high schoolers were. 

Anyways when we got there we relaxed at the hotel for a few hours and then we went to see Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat at the New Dinner Theatre. It was a really good show.

NO REALLY!! It was!!! :)

We actually did have a lot of fun..
All the ladies (and I mean ALL the ladies - chaperones too) were in love with Joseph. Chiseled arms, beautiful face, he can sing, he can dance, what woman wouldn't be in love? Then I just couldn't help myself.. Imagine that. Me not being able to keep my mouth shut! I had to ask the waiter whether he was married...the conversation went as followed (and any ordinary waiter this conversation wouldn't have taken place, but he was exceptionally cool to a group of high schoolers):
"Hey Jon!! I have a Joseph married in real life?" -Me
"No, actually he can't legally be married.." -Jon the Waiter
"What why not???" -Everyone at the table
"Think about it.." -Jon the Waiter
"Is he an immigrant?" -Me
"That could be a reason.." -Jon
(a long silence follows..)
"WHAT???" -Everyone at the table
"HE's GAY!!!!!!" -HB
"Yup, sure is." -Jon the Waiter

Not that any of us have anything against gay men, but this was really quite heartbreaking. Nobody was quite as interested in the show after that, until the Pharoah came in, but that's a different story for a different time. :)

The next morning we went a toured the Harley Davidson plant. It was really neat, although you couldn't have cameras inside the actual tour. We did get a few sweet pictures outside though. What do you say? Do I need to marry a biker someday?? :)

We also went to a baseball game...which I was pumped for :) even if it wasn't the twins!

What can I say, i have a thing for catchers:)
He smiled at me :) i think it was because he heard me say he was sexy..we were literally right above the bullpen for a while :)

And the Royals won!! Which was good for all of us Twins fans because they were plyaing the White Sox..

We also got to go to worlds of fun, no pictures though :)

All in all, we had a great time :)

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Grown Ups

One night this past December it was blizzarding outside. It was a Sunday night and I was forced decided it would be a good night to have a family movie night. The movie was chosen by Soy and it was called Grown Ups.

After watching this movie, Mom's lightbulb came on. She called her two best friends, Shel and Mel. Shel had already seen the movie with her family, Mel hadn't. They began talking... and decided that this would be a great idea for a family vacation for themselves.

The parents picked the dates, the place, and decided it would be void of (most) technology. The kids had to fend for themselves the whole weekend. There were 7 of us, and we were probably dreading it at first... a whole week without our boyfriends, friends, Facebook, Twitter, or TV??? What would we do???

On the way there, our fears were coming true...
James slept most of the way in her parent's van while HB and I tried to find different ways to pass the time (which was very hard when alls you saw was this...)
That's South Dakota for you.
But there is always some form of entertainment riding down the South Dakota Interstate know how you always hear about the hicks in the movies? I promise you, we are not all like this.
We all wondered how good the mattress would be by the time it reached it's destination..

We stopped in Chamberlain and saw Aunt K and Baby Herman :)
HB, James, and I also learned how to ride a buffalo ;)


We were ALL happy when we finally started to see this:

The Badlands

and finally, our cabin. :)

But before we could stay long at our cabin, we had to pick up a few groceries..

I had to add this picture because for some reason I just find it hilarious..

When we finally settled down and started the vacation nobody felt like driving into Custer to watch any fireworks. We spent the rest of the night laying in the hammock and sitting around the fire looking at the pond. (Stay tuned for a video of HB struggling with a hammock on the next post--if I can get it to work I guarantee a laugh.)

The next morning we got up to hike Harney Peak and let me tell you, as much running and lifting and workouts a person has... this definitely is some streneous exercise..but the view was well worth it.

The seven miles round trip was definitely worth it.. and it made Sylvan Lake at the bottom look so inviting.

But as you all know, South Dakota weather is..well...South Dakota Weather. It cooled off and started to sprinkle when we reached the bottom. Nobody was really in the mood for swimming by then. We were all just in the mood for a nap.
Here's some more pictures from the day:

I made it to the top!

There was a cute little pond at the top we were all enjoying...
until I found a dead and bloated gopher that is.

Me and HB

Day 2 was spent touring a cave. There was no service in the cave (imagine that!) so my phone wouldn't save any of the pictures I tried to take.. I will have to see if I can steal some of Mom's and put them on my next blog post with the Hammock Video.
During the evening we went to Keystone, South Dakota. You just have to be there to experience it for yourself :) it's something else... while we were there we rode some sort of ski lift with a view.

Looking down it was a good thing I'm not afraid of heights..

We of course visited Mount Rushmore from there.

The next day was for swimming at Sylvan Lake. It was really a cool experience.. the rocks were fun to jump off of (punishable by fines in excess of $100).

James, me, and HB on the way there.. I wish I would have gotten a picture of us on the way home because let's just say we got hit by a little something right before we stopped swimming for the day..
Typical South Dakota Weather.. sunny one moment, hailing the next, then sunny the next. :)

We also spent some time fishing.. although I think the contest may have been to see who could catch the smallest fish in the pond..

I'm not sure who won though..

Anyways, you may also be wondering what we did in our free time? We had a nice game of kick the can..i may have to steal some of those pictures from Mom also.
We also slept (sorry about that picture James- i couldn't help myself..) and spent some good quality time having James read to us. :) She was being a great mother figure to us all week. :P She was actually reading the book The Last Song which I got way more into than I thought..I am going to the library ASAP to check it out so I can finish it! I recommend.

So the week wasn't as bad as all of us kids thought. We were all begging to stay longer. I think the GROWN UPS egos probably grew in size because yet again they knew...

they were right.
Soy was loving me at the moment.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

I Apologize

I am going to apologize for my...let's say. . . . . . 2 month (or so) hiatus.
But I am back! And so we have a lot of catching up to do...

I've made myself pretty busy between now and the end of last school year... not that I'm complaining. I 'm having a great summer so far.

We've been having some good golfing days (yes, the sun has been shining here)... although I will tell you it's kind of hard to concentrate when you are golfing with this...

I got to spend an extended weekend with one of my cousins. :) It had been so long since we made time to hang out together!

This summer I have also had one of the greatest experiences of my life... South Dakota Girls' State.
It was so much fun. I met so many new people and became closer to old friends! It is definitely something I will never forget. :) I also won a scholarship for being the best attorney! (That made my mother happy..which is always good.)
The Scotland girls that went together!


There were nationalists and federalists. I was a nat :) The primary election night was definitely the best of the whole week! You can't even imagine... some people have tagged the phrase "It's a girls state wouldn't understand." :)

I've also had some fun time for friends.. of course :)

We've had BBQs... (I have yet to master the art of cooking...I tell my mom often that the genes just weren't passed down).

...and campfires :) The boys think they are good at getting this started..when actually it was my dad's starting block that got it going. (The girls stuck it in the bottom when they weren't paying attention...It's okay to feed the men's egos once in awhile;))

And of course..we have made it to Minnesota to see Happy Mom (for whom this blog post is dedicated :P)and the family! I had a great time both times... the first was to see some Twins games (they won both! every time we go its a nice W..i think they should invite me back every poor dad is a Ranger fan...the outcome isn't as great for him!)... and the second time was for some nice relaxation! (although the weekend didn't necessarily start off that way... a GPS was involved and we will leave it at that... it is a different story for a different time.)

I got a nice picture of Cuddy and Danny!

Always a Twins fan:)

At the Cabin!! I have to say this looked like fun:)

Little guy loves to be silly!!
This is maybe my favorite picture ever:)

Little Guy also loves his naps :)

Royals. Twins. Rangers.
It's interesting during some baseball games.
I've also been keeping busy with softball..we have a pretty good team this year. (In case any of you are wondering i'm batting a .368 and play 2nd base...:P)
My best friend Jaymie thinks she's pretty cool in her catcher's gear.. :)
Sorry about the angle...I have yet to master another art.. that of rotating a picture.

On Father's Day we went to Yankton and checked out all the flood water coming from the dam...and all i can say is literally...HOLY BUCKETS!
And me and Soy finished the day with some good ole fashioned knee volleyball. :)
(The chairs being our net..) I decided to add this because it's more of a weekly occurance... until the ball flies too far and we get an earful from Mom.

My friend ANNA is back from GERMANY! If any of you facebookers hadn't noticed we had been counting down for the last 30 days :)
There will be another blog post on this one ^ mainly because we just have so much to say!

And this one's for you Happy Mom... :)
Ryan really enjoyed the birthday cake i baked him the other night. :)

That about wraps it up... I promise I will do my best to try and stay updated from here on out!! Thank you Happy Mom for keeping me on my toes :) I am having a great summer and I hope the same for the rest of you!